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    1972 Carmilla: A Vampire Tale [with ETC Company of La Mama & Ben Johnson]

    1974 Ai Confini/ Interzone [with Steve Reich]

    1974 Drumming/ Six Pianos/ Music For Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organ [with Steve Reich]

    1976 Utopia Americana [with Steve Reich]

    1978 Music For 18 Musicians [with Steve Reich]

    1979 For Taylor Storer [with Steve Reich]

    1980 Octet/ Music for a Large Ensemble/ Violin Phase [with Steve Reich]

    1980 Week End (Funky Friday) [with ADC Band & Kaiya]

    1980 Spontaneous Music [with Horizontal Vertical Band]

    1981 Direct to Disc [with Horizontal Vertical Band]

    1981 Ritual Sounds [with Nancy Laird Chance]

    1981 Daysongs [with Nancy Laird Chance]

    1981 Gitano Soul [with El Luis]

    1981 Talco y Bronce [with Manzanita]

    1982 Four Saints in Three Acts [with Orchestra of Our Time]

    1982 Tehillim [with Steve Reich]

    1983 Handance

    1983 Sunsinger [with Paul Winter]

    1985 Concert For The Earth [with Paul Winter]

    1985 Canyon [with Paul Winter]

    1985 Internal Combustion

    1985 Radio Iceland [with Peter Griggs & Iris Brooks]

    1985 Sleepers [with Doris Hays]

    1985 La Quiero a Morir [with Manzanita]

    1985 The Desert Music [with Steve Reich]

    1985 Musica Esporadica [with Suso Saiz]

    1986 Sextet/ Six Marimbas [with Steve Reich]

    1986 Echando Sentencias [with Manzanita]

    1986 Aqua Touch [with Danny Heines]

    1986 Susan [with Susan Osborn]

    1987 Seven Heaven [with Steve Gorn & Layne Redmond]

    1987 Between Dusk and Dawn [with Rabin Abou-Khalil]

    1987 Drumming [with Steve Reich]

    1987 New York Counterpoint [with Richard Stoltzman]

    1987 Sketches of Maine [with Paul Sullivan]

    1987 Earthbeat [with Paul Winter]

    1988 Wolf Eyes: A Retrospective [with Paul Winter]

    1988 A Visit to the Rockies [with Paul Sullivan]

    1988 Piano Crossroads [with Larry Karush]

    1988 Street Dreams [with Lyle Mays]

    1988 The Art of Judeo-Spanish Song [with Alhambra]

    1988 Passing Thoughts [with Boo Doo]

    1988 Memos From Paradise [with Eddie Daniels]

    1988 Songs From an English Garden [with David Lanz]

    1989 Assyrian Rose [with Layne Redmond]

    1989 Arms Around You [with Eugene Friesen]

    1989 Basic Tendencies [with Mike Richmond]

    1990 Earth: Voices of a Planet [with Paul Winter]

    1990 Hymnody of Earth [with Malcolm Dalglish]

    1990 Riqq [with Manhattan School of Music Percussion Ensemble]

    1990 Cool of the Day [with Trapezoid]

    1990 Days of Open Hand [with Suzanne Vega]

    1990 The Man Who Planted Trees [with Paul Winter]

    1991 Noah and the Ark [with Paul Winter]

    1991 Some Towns and Cities [with Benjamin Verdery]

    1991 Home Again [with David Wilcox]

    1991 Mokave volume 1 [with Mokave]

    1991 Doctrine of Signatures

    1991 Strange Omen [with Mike Cain]

    1991 Ramana

    1991 Marc Cohn [with Marc Cohn]

    1991 Angel on a Stone Wall [with Paul Halley]

    1992 Homage [with Peter Kater]

    1992 Mokave volume 2 [with Mokave]

    1992 Symbols [with Suso Saiz]

    1992 Christmas in Maine [with Paul Sullivan]

    1992 en directo en Espana [with Paul Winter]

    1993 Solstice Live! [with Paul Winter]

    1993 Spanish Angel [with Paul Winter]

    1993 Bestial Cluster [with Mick Karn]

    1993 Running Angels [with Patty Larkin]

    1993 Border States

    1993 Pan Eros

    1993 The Rainy Season [with Marc Cohn]

    1993 Songs of Kabir [with Amitava Chatterjee]

    1993 Skeleton Woman [with Flesh & Bone]

    1993 Zuhaitzak Landatzen Zituen Gizona [with Jean Gionoren Kontakizun Bat]

    1993 L'home que plantava arbres [with Angels Gonyalons]

    1993 Ettna [with Enzo Rao]

    1994 Temura [with Javier Paxarino]

    1994 Rhymes With Orange [with Mario Grigorov]

    1994 Ars Moriende [with Jonas Hellborg]

    1994 Afrique [with Mokave]

    1994 Trio Globo [with Trio Globo]

    1994 Back to Nature – Live in Zagreb [with Paul Winter]

    1994 Prayer for the Wild Things [with Paul Winter]

    1995 Carnival of Souls [with Trio Globo]

    1995 Strangers World [with Patty Larkin]

    1995 Istanpitta volume 1 [with New York's Ensemble for Early Music]

    1995 On the Cliffs of the Heart [with David Rothenberg & Graeme Boone]

    1995 Power Lines [with Ned Rothenberg]

    1996 Istanpitta volume 2 [with New York's Ensemble for Early Music]

    1996 Celtic Soul [with Noirin Ni Riain]

    1996 Rhythmcolor Exotica

    1996 Layers of Time [with Reinhard Flatischler]

    1996 Earth, Sun, & Moon [with I Giullari Di Piazza (Alessandra Belloni)]

    1996 Song of the Irish Whistle [with Joanie Madden]

    1996 Closer to Far Away [with Douglas Spotted Eagle]

    1997 9 Songs of Ecstasy [with Pilgrimage]

    1997 Clara Ponty [with Clara Ponty]

    1997 Imaginary Day [with Pat Metheny]

    1997 Sacred Ground [with Kimberly Bass]

    1997  Pleasure  [with Malcolm Dalglish]

    1997  Hymnody of Earth  [with Malcolm Dalglish]

    1997 Song of Rivers [with Eugene Friesen]

    1997 One in the Pocket [with Badal Roy]

    1997 Cooler Heads Prevail [with Akira Satake]

    1997 End of the Summer [with Dar Williams]

    1998 Greatest Hits [with Paul Winter]

    1998 Sea of Dreams [with Davy Spillane]

    1998 Rhythms Of The Chakras 2CD

    1998 Portraits in World Jazz [with Arthur Lipner]

    1999 Birds of Prey [with Peter Kater]

    1999 Free as a Bird [with Rhonda Larson]

    1999 The Glance: Songs of Soul-Meeting [with Coleman Barks]

    1999 Pagan Saints [with Flesh & Bone]

    2000 Terra Nova [with Megadrums]

    2000 Back Home [with The Sturm Brothers (Rolf Sturm & Hans Sturm)]

    2000 Ura [with Oskorri]

    2000 Breathing Rhythms

    2000 Madman of God: Divine Love Songs of the Persian Sufi Masters [with Sussan Deyhim]

    2000 Kinship [with Maya Beiser]

    2000 Tarantata: Dance of the Ancient Spider [with Alessandra Belloni]

    2000 Tribe [with Gabrielle Roth & Mirrors]

    2001 The City of No – The City of Yes [with Yevgeny Yevtushenko]

    2001 Quercus Endorphina [with Oreka TX]

    2001 Pacific Moon [with Gary Stroutsos]

    2001 Maren [with Kepa Junkera]

    2008 Rhythms Of The Chakras vol. 2

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